Tutees and their families tell their stories:

Re: Tutor Judith Grey


We’ve been extremely pleased with our daughter Jessica’s progress over the last school year. After we saw Judith’s effect in helping Jessica prepare for the common entrance exam, we wanted her to continue working with Jessica throughout the year. The result was a wonderfully smooth transition to the new school. They have a wonderful relationship, and we couldn’t have asked for more. A strong start marked by significant academic accomplishments makes a big difference!


Thank you so much, ALL TEACHERS! It means so much to be able to rely on you to find a professional tutor at short notice for last minute reviews before exams. Jeremy always gets a great confidence boost and it shows in his marks.

Re: Tutor Brian Sedgewick

I am the proud parent of T., who after only three months of tutoring was able to improve his marks significantly. Thanks to the team at ALL TEACHERS, for sending Brian, an excellent match for T’s particular set of needs. Brian undoubtedly set him on the right course, and as a result, T was willing to do the extra work so as to close the gap.

Re: Tutor Helene Greene

The sciences used to be my daughter’s most hated subject and her marks matched her attitude. Thankfully, her lessons with Helene changed all that. Definitely a worthwhile investment. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s now her favourite subject, but she is no longer afraid and frustrated. She is confident in her abilities and knows how to go about doing the homework assignments independently.

Re: Tutor Nicole Robbins

It has been a pleasure having Nicole come in and tutor our son in English and literature. She is professional and pleasant, demanding and friendly, as she keeps her student in check. As a result, we have experienced a sense of relief: our son’s teachers are already reporting a perceptible improvement. We’re now thinking of hiring an additional tutor from ALL TEACHERS to help our younger son as well.

Re: Tutor Stephen Taylor and ALL TEACHERS

Thank you ALL TEACHERS for helping us find Stephen. Your response time was indeed remarkable and, happily, despite our initial hesitation, Stephen knows just how to keep our son focused on the task at hand. The tuition process has proved very effective: Michael’s study habits and marks have improved considerably. It’s been a pleasure working with ALL TEACHERS.


My husband and I have already recommended ALL TEACHERS to several friends with school-aged children. We were so impressed with the efficiency, the prompt responses, the professional approach, and especially the way our daughter immediately took to her new tutor. As parents, it’s not often that we can feel confident knowing that we made the right choice for our children; choosing ALL TEACHERS was one of those times.

Re: Tutor Jasmine Wright

Thank you, Jasmine, for helping me become a better student in maths. I’ll miss you during the holidays! Have a wonderful summer and come back to me next year.

Your friend,

Laura B.