The Vetting Process

Our aim is not only to fulfil our responsibility to you but also to guarantee you are pleased with the tutoring services. Careful screening of our team of tutors is therefore a serious task.

The tutor vetting process at ALL TEACHERS consists of several steps.

Stage 1 – Official Qualifications

Fill out a form

Submit a C.V.

Provide contact information of three recommenders

Hand in documentation proving academic training and degree earned and relevant awards and accomplishments

Supply enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau

Stage 2 –Qualifications Follow up

A candidate file is prepared, and all stated qualifications are carefully reviewed and double checked. Next we conduct a reference check. We verify our candidates’ references, and speak to those who recommend them. Every effort is made to validate the information that candidates provide. Once references are contacted,  a summary of the findings is entered in the file. We make sure that the potential tutor is reliable and trustworthy.

Stage 3 –Personal Interview

Through the interview, we establish a personal acquaintance with candidates who have passed the first two stages.

The discussion covers all the aspects of the candidate’s professional history: the tutor’s qualifications, teaching experience, past employment, and preferences.

A review of the candidate’s experience helps us ascertain that the tutor’s attitude matches that of ALL TEACHERS. It is essential that our tutors emphasise the interpersonal dynamic between tutor and tutee, and know how to create a positive and relaxed learning atmosphere. At this point we also establish the importance of following  ALL TEACHERS’  3 significant guidelines.

The interview process checks for skills and strengths as well as weaknesses. We ask probing questions to ascertain that our prospective tutors are reliable, that they bring with them a breadth of knowledge and an in-depth expertise in the subjects (such as English, maths, social sciences, chemistry, physics, history, literature, foreign languages) and special areas (learning skills, study habits, coping with learning disorders, EFL, exam and interview performance), as specified on their application forms.

Equally important are aspects of the tutor’s personality: we work only with candidates who have an amiable attitude, who demonstrate patience and resourcefulness.

Finally, we talk about methodologies. We look for tutors who bring a flexible approach and a facility with various learning and teaching styles.

Stage 4 – The First Tuition Session

The screening continues even after a tutor has joined the ALL TEACHERS team. Your response following the first trial lesson constitutes the first step in our evaluation process. If you are not completely satisfied with the tutor we sent, your trial lesson will be free of charge, and different tutor will be assigned to you. Your complete satisfaction is an early indication of the tutor’s competence.

Stage 5 – Feedback

At ALL TEACHERS, we constantly collect feedback from students, parents and teachers. After a defined period, you will be asked to complete a written assessment form, evaluating the tutor’s performance.

Our vetting process ensures that when a tutor is assigned,

we are positive that you are in good hands.