Bespoke Private Tutoring — The Matching Process

ALL TEACHERS specializes in providing private tuition that is tailored to the student.

We take extra measures to create a constructive match between tutor and student.

How the Matching Works

Once you have provided us with the requested information, we use a specially developed algorithm to cross reference our tutor files with the operational data, the academic needs and goals you described and, equally important, with the specific attributes and characteristics of the learner.

Due to our large pool of carefully selected tutors, we are able to locate a potential match that meets your specifications within a relatively short time.

The tutor who has been found to best correspond to your combined demands will contact you to schedule the first tutoring session.

This first meeting is considered a trial lesson, pending the satisfaction of student and parents.

In the tuition process, the tutor establishes a positive rapport with the student. Certain guidelines are set in advance, to clarify expectations regarding issues such as adherence to schedules and times, communicating with the tutor between sessions, and completing homework assignments.

Periodically, the learner (and the parent) will be asked to provide feedback to ALL TEACHERS regarding the tutor’s performance, proven progress and the learning process in general.

Why the Matching Works

  • Because we train our tutors to customize the activities and exercises in each tutorial session to match the student’s urgent needs. All TEACHERS’ experienced tutors are able to quickly identify the student’s strong and weak areas, and can focus on closing particular gaps and avoiding pitfalls. In this manner, students attain a certain degree of immediate improvement almost  instantly.
  • Because of  our dedication. With ALL TEACHERS,  the tutor plans each private lesson so as to ensure maximal utilization of time. The tutor’s attention is devoted solely to adapting the contents of the lesson to the student’s individual learning style, so that the learning process corresponds to the unique skills of the learner. That means that the learner benefits from studying in an optimized setting, individually suited to help him or her obtain the best possible results.
  • Because tutors at ALL TEACHERS emphasise the personal dimension. When there is one student and one teacher, a personal relationship develops.

By creating a relationship and showing that they care, our tutors help students feel more motivated. They make sure that the students are both challenged by the lesson and rewarded for their progress.

The relationship that develops between your individually matched tutor and yourself or your child is based on mutual trust. With a tutor from ALL TEACHERS, students know that their private tutor is carefully attuned to their academic needs and to their personal development. This helps students overcome problems as well as any insecurities or shyness. Learners thus feel free to openly ask for extra guidance when and where needed.

With the accompaniment of one of ALL TEACHERS private tutors, learners are able to take small steps at the pace that suits them. The result is gradually earned success, which is based on a strong foundation. This carefully planned achievement  builds the student’s self-confidence. This confidence, in turn, can then pave the way for the student to become an independent learner.

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