For Parents

Information for Parents


Selecting a tutor is no simple task. Here are some of the important issues parents face when selecting a tutor for their children.

How do you ensure your child’s safety?

First and foremost, find a tutor from a trustworthy source. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out about the vetting process. Check to make sure that the CRB Enhanced Disclosure Form is current.

The team at ALL TEACHERS is happy to answer any question and discuss any concerns you may have. Call any time of day, any time of year. We aim to earn your trust.

We know that in order to lead your child to achieve the desired success, we need you on board. Children can do their best when they feel secure in their environment. Your confidence in us will contribute to a positive learning environment.

That’s why it’s important that you call us, any time at all, to consult with our team.

How do you assess if there’s a good match between student and tutor?

The first indication is that your child feels good after the first meeting. Children and young adults want to please, and they know that their achievements will please –themselves and others.

You’ll recognise when your child exhibits signs of satisfaction (a smile, relaxed shoulders, high spirits). Those signs mean that the first tutorial session has provided the first step on the way to a positive change. Then you’ll know it’s a good match.

How will you know your child is making progress?

Keep your finger on the pulse: feel out your child, communicate with teachers, talk with the tutor.

If the tutor is on a tight schedule, feel free to contact ALL TEACHERS and ask us. We’ll provide an interim progress report.