How It Works

At ALL TEACHERS, we  take pride in tailoring our services to fulfil your needs. Our team of consultants is available any day of the year to provide a personalised answer to any question, address any issue, provide a solution to any request.

Here’s how it works:

1.      You call us with the information we need (see below)

2.      We contact you to inform you of a match

3.      Matched tutor contacts you to set up first lesson

4.      Together we evaluate the first lesson’s success and decide how to proceed

5.      The tuition process begins (see below), or a new tutor is matched and steps 2 through 4 are repeated

6.      We contact you to ask for feedback regarding tutor and progress

The Tuition Process

First, the tutor identifies and pinpoints the pupil’s difficulty, while simultaneously seeking one or several methods that the pupil can use to overcome the difficulty.

The pupil gradually internalises the approaches learnt and becomes adept at performing relevant exercises.

Generally, as pupils improve, they progressively become more independent at solving their study related problems.

Throughout this process, a personal connection is forged between pupil and tutor. This ensures a positive learning atmosphere, which is key to progress and ultimately, success.

What questions can you expect from us?

When you call us, we will ask for the following information in order to select a tutor that matches  your needs:

Operational aspects:

Student/s’ age and sex

Your home location

Preferred days and times for private lessons

Preference of male or female tutor

How soon can we start?

Aspects about the student:

Particular goals and academic needs

Materials to be studied

Strengths and weakness

Special obstacles or difficulties

Learning style, study habits and preferences

Personality and pastimes