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Howard – Biology Tutor

  Name:    Howard Degree: B.Sc. Experience:     4 years Specialisation: primary, KS-3, GCSE, A-Levels I’m a medical student with significant experience teaching students at various stages of schooling. I bring to our tuition sessions plenty of enthusiasm for the subject, resourcefulness and patience. I am well familiar with the exams and requirements and have led many &hellip Continue reading »

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Vivian – French Tutor

Name: Degree: B.A. Experience:     9 years Specialisation: GCSE, A-Levels Having learnt French as my native language, I am naturally comfortable speaking, reading and writing in French, an interest that I then pursued through my academic studies. I have been tutoring students of all ages for the last nine years. As a bilingual, I can anticipate &hellip Continue reading »

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Aidan – Geography and History Tutor

Name:    Aidan Degree: B.A. Experience:     9 years Specialisation: 11+, 13+, In my experience, I find that making an initial connection with students is key to their later success. Learning with me is fun; I bring a sense of humour, a light-hearted approach and creativity to my tutoring sessions. It’s simple: if I don’t enjoy the &hellip Continue reading »

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Brian – History and Religious Studies Tutor

Name:    Brian Degree: M.A. Experience:     5 years Specialisation: GCSE and A-Levels There is a good deal of memorisation required to succeed in these subjects; therefore, part of our efforts during tutoring sessions are dedicated to reviewing mnemonics and helpful tricks, but only as an addition to the contextualisation the of facts and major developments of &hellip Continue reading »

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Cynthia – Chemistry and Physics Tutor

Name:    Cynthia Degree: B.Sc. Experience:     8 years Specialisation: GCSE I’ve been tutoring and preparing students for the GCSEs in chemistry and physics since I graduated, so I can easily identify where students need a boost. Of course it’s wonderful to see how improved grades affect the confidence of young students, but what I like best &hellip Continue reading »

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Thomas – A Levels Social Sciences Tutor

Name: Thomas Degree:   B.SC (Hons.) Experience:     6 years Specialisation: Science & Biology As a secondary school teacher, I have experience both in the classroom and in private tutoring, and am familiar with the exam requirements. I specialise in preparing for AS/A2 and GCSE. I find it essential to adapt teaching methods to each individual student. &hellip Continue reading »

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Robyn – Social Sciences & Humanities Tutor

Name:     Robyn Degree:   B.A (Hons.); TEFL Certificate Experience:     4 years Specialisation: A-levels in Social Sciences & Humanities; In my work with students, I emphasise raising confidence and creating appreciation for the subject. Their achievements reflect immediate improvement.  Although exam preparation focuses on technique and repetition, we maintain a comfortable and jovial atmosphere. In addition I &hellip Continue reading »

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Janet – EnglishTutor

Name:     Janet Degree:   B.A. (Hons.) Experience:    12 years Specialisation: A-levels and GCSE My expertise in English literature, drama and essay writing allows me to engage pupils in thought and discussion. Through the activities and practice, they come to understand the overall purpose of the subject and develop the required skills. Ultimately, they not only feel &hellip Continue reading »

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Andrew – Maths Tutor

Name:    Andrew Degree: B.Sc. (Hons.) Experience:     7 years Specialisation: 11+,12+ and 13+ Qualified Maths teacher with  classroom and private tuition experience. I particularly enjoy watching pupils’ attitudes towards maths change from dread to  confidence. At these ages, an acquired facility in maths lays a strong foundation for future progress in maths and sciences alike.

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