Philosophy and Mission

At ALL TEACHERS, we take studying seriously!

A tutor’s task is not only to teach a particular subject, but also to accompany the pupil on the road to personal and scholastic achievements. School is a major component of your child’s world: provided with the proper guidance, the right tools and encouragement, your child stands to gain better marks and greater confidence!


We believe that there are two key components that are necessary for a successful learning experience:

Component 1: The interpersonal dynamic between the tutor and the learner. That is why we carefully select our team of tutors. Learning and acquiring knowledge are –and should be emphasised as– a source of pleasure. By establishing a good rapport with the student, the tutor can provide a fun and pleasurable experience. This kind of experience leads to a positive attitude to the particular subject and to learning in general. This combination of interpersonal dynamic and positive experience and atttude forms the foundation for achieving academic goals.

Component 2: A relaxed learning atmosphere. That is why we choose to conduct all private tuition sessions exclusively in the comfort of the learner’s home.  We want to create the conditions that will enable our pupils to focus their efforts solely on learning, and leave the running around to us.

It is the synergy of these two components that is at the heart of ALL TEACHERS philosophy. The principles that form our philosophy also serve to guide each and every one of our tutors.


Based on this approach, our mission at ALL TEACHERS  is to encourage pupils to become independent learners, and to teach them to enjoy and take pride in the process of learning as well as in their improved marks and results.

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