The advantages offered by ALL TEACHERS guarantees you will benefit from the following:

The Variety- ALL TEACHERS has the ability to match a wide combination of needs. Our team of tutors can provide a solution in a variety of academic subjects, specialties and approaches.

Subjects include English, maths, chemistry, physics, history, literature, foreign languages, to mention a few of the most popular.

Specialties refers to an emphasis on the particular study needs and goals of the learner, ranging from overall improvement, acquisition of learning skills and study habits, to adaptation of the study process to cope with a learning disorder. In addition we have tutors with specialized experience in perfecting exam and interview performance, while others have the expertise required to help foreign and EFL students.

Approaches are the tutor’s tools of trade. Each and every one of our tutors has developed a variety of approaches, so that if one doesn’t suit a particular individual, there are always several options. It is the tutor’s task to find a fitting solution.

The Vetting Process- In a one-to-one tuition setting, you need to feel secure that your child or pupil is in good hands. Tutors who approach ALL TEACHERS undergo a thorough vetting process, which includes a personal interview, a reference check, submission of degree documentation and an enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau.

The Matching Process- This process begins the moment you contact us. We aim to provide individually tailored tuition. Therefore, you will be asked a series of questions regarding personal details (age and location), goals, subjects, preferences and particular needs. Based on this information, we select a tutor that we believe best matches the pupil and the needs you described. We make every effort to have the selected tutor contact you within 12 hours of your  initial call.

Commitment- We understand that improved achievements lead to personal growth. That is why at ALL TEACHERS, commitment means focusing on the individual needs of each pupil. On top of that we make sure after a match is made and works, the tutor is permanent and does not change from time to time. Guided by this philosophy, we meet your goals and fulfil –if not exceed–your expectations.

Reliability- ALL TEACHERS systematically gathers feedback from parents and pupils, in order to assess customer satisfaction with our tutors and their methods, as well as with our own placement process. You choose to trust us with your child’s education, and we take that responsibility seriously. Remember, your success is our success.